Start a Youtube Channel for Free in 2019

Starting a business at home in 2019 could sound like a challenging task. Getting in front of a camera and making YouTube videos could sound ever more intimidating.

What if you could make some extra money by starting a YouTube channel?

Whether you’re just starting from scratch or looking to branch out and expand you’re online presence, this could be an outstanding option for you. Below you will find some basic information to help you decide if YouTube is a good option for you. We will also look into how to start a youtube channel for free in 2019.

Should I Start a Business on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing resource and has become one of the top search engines in the world. If you’re thinking of starting a business or already have one and want to start creating content this is an amazing opportunity.

YouTube is the go to for anything video from how to videos to one of a kind tailored content about you’re brand. The options are virtually endless. The only thing that could stop you from creating something new and original on YouTube is you. As long as you don’t give up and keep on creating and coming up with new ideas you will continue to grow you’re audience.

Speaking of audiences below are a few stats. The numbers really are remarkable and should paint the picture of how success has huge potential.

Start a Youtube Channel for Free in 2019

Total number of daily active users on YouTube- 30+ Million users

Total number of monthly active users on YouTube- 1.9 Billion users

Number of videos shared as of 2019- 5+ Billion videos

Number of videos watched per day- 5 Billion

These numbers above should serve you as positive motivation to get rolling. In the next part of this post we will help to explain some simple steps to get going on YouTube and start you’re new channel.

Start a Youtube Channel for Free in 2019

So you want to start up a YouTube channel for you or you’re business. Well the good news is you can get started at any time and for free. Yes that’s right you can get started for completely free.

A few quick tips that we would like for you to consider before hitting that button to sign up on YouTube.

  1. Plan and brainstorm what you’re channel will be for
  2. Pick a name that you can brand
  3. Write up a short bio of you or you’re company for you’re channel
  4. Compile a rough list of video ideas to get you started

Once you have thought these few things through you should be ready to get started. You can very easily get started on YouTube by either creating a new profile or using you’re existing google login.

Once you are logging into the YouTube platform you can follow through the setup or creating you’re channel. Some things you can make to spice up and attract people to you’re channel are a quality profile picture and channel art or banner.

If you’re searching for a good site to aid you in making these check out a site called Canva. It’s packed with useful tools that enable you to create beautiful graphics. They also have custom templates that are already the correct dimensions for what you need.

Once you get you’re channel all figured out and dressed up its time to start creating some content!

Before we move on to the next topic we want to introduce you to a great read and resource on everything we are covering in this post about how to start a youtube channel.

“UPDATED FOR 2019: In “How To Start A YouTube Channel For Fun & Profit”, author Ann Eckhart, herself a seasoned YouTube creator, walks you through the steps to start your own successful YouTube channel. Eckhart covers everything from applying for an AdSense account and setting up your filming location to marketing strategies and engaging your audience. She even shares her entire process for recording, editing, and uploading her own videos. With a camera and computer, you can begin the process of starting your own YouTube channel for both fun AND profit!” 

First YouTube Video Ideas

If you made it to the next step on you’re YouTube journey that’s terrific. Now comes the time to break out that list of videos you may have drawn up. If you didn’t compile a list of videos then we have a few options that will hopefully help you get jump started.

  • Introduction video about you, you’re business or you’re channels reason for existance
  • Create a channel trailer
  • Meet the team
  • Tour video or you’re ideas or business
  • Your online business history
  • Your goals or motivation
  • Review something
  • Make a response video to some other video you watched
  • Start a vlog

This list can go on and on with ideas. The biggest thing to remember is to be creative and if you are struggling then reach out to google. Search for some ideas and then make a video on it but be sure to be genuine and yourself.

How Can I Make Money from YouTube

So you want to make some money from YouTube. If you’re new and not an established YouTube star then you might have to have some patience. Unfortunately to weed out the fake accounts YouTube had to change some of its rules. Currently you will have to have a following of at least 1,000 subscribers. On top of that you will also need to have 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months.

This probably sounds like a lot of rules and that you may never achieve this but we can assure you that once you’re channel gets established and begins to grow a following it will happen. Some channels are able to create large amounts of growth in short periods of time while other have to play the waiting game. Use you’re other forms of social media to promote you’re channel.

The rules to success are to be creative and grind it out. Create, Create, Create!

Some other options do exist for making money with YouTube. You can check out this link that will bring you to a program that has some great step by step methods to making money.

==> Make Money on YouTube <==

The Final Thoughts

YouTube is here to stay and the fact that you have expressed some interest in the platform shows that you are hungry for success. Getting started on YouTube may be the best thing you have done or could do for you’re online career.

Always remember that the more you put into the platform the more it will give back to you.

If you would like to see a successful YouTube channel check out Casey Neistat. He started his career on YouTube broke as it gets living in an apartment the size of a closet in New York City. He used his creativity and passion to become one of the biggest stars on the platform.

He is an example of how hard work can pay off. Always do more and work hard and you will find success!

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