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In this article we will look into one of the great online email marketing tools called GetResponse. GetResponse is one of the top and still affordable email marketing solutions for any business that is looking to capture, grow and professionally communicate with current and future clients.

Some topics that we will look at in this article are the benefits of GetResponse, how easy it is to schedule your emails and who it can integrate with.

Starting a new online business can be very overwhelming and so can the thought of keeping up with all your clients. We look to assist you and provide you with some information on how these different online email marketing tools can help you out.

GetResponse Strategy

Benefits of GetResponse and Online Email Marketing Tools

With GetResponse the list of tasks that it can accomplish are very long. You get a lot of quality resources and tools to help you create, manage and grow your online business in and efficient way.

Some things you can expect to get with GetResponse are listed and explained below.

Build an Email List

If your looking to grow your online business one of the essential things you will need is to compile an email list. An email list of  current clients and potential clients. With GetResonse you can build email lists and the software will do it for you.

Creating lists manually can be very time-consuming and overwhelming depending on the level of traffic your online business has. With the ability for this to happen in the background it will give you the time you need to focus on other parts of your online success.

Build Landing Pages

Building landing pages that are simple yet high quality can help drive in the traffic and clients. These days if something catches the eye of a potential client the chance they might pay attention and convert goes way up.

With GetResonse you have tools to build and create some great high quality landing pages. With a simple landing page template  you can create these pages in a matter of minutes. This not only creates a great product but also keeps you from having to figure out a complicated design process.

Custom Emails and Newsletters

A custom email allows you to create and design emails that are specific to who you are targeting. Using the same old email to reach out to different clients may not catch the attention of who is receiving them.

To go along with your emails you can create custom newsletters. With these newsletters you can send out what’s new, what’s hot and what’s coming soon to your online business. This is a fun and simple tactic that can keep clients engaged with your business.

Hot Offers and Deals

Everyone enjoys a hot offer or the feeling that they received a good deal. Within GetResponse you can leverage the tools and templates they have to create some great hot deals.

If you use these hot offers in some smart ways they can really help your business take off.

Scheduling with GetResponse

GetResponse Scheduling

Schedule it and forget it!

The GetResponse platform gives you the easy to use drag and drop calendar and allows you to schedule recurring email. Using the easy to use system allows you to create emails in advance and then just drop them into the calendar on the days you want them sent out. Once this is done GetResponse will handle the rest.

With this much free time not having to track and send out emails you can focus on the other key parts of your online businesses success.

What Companies Integrate with GetResponse

GetResponse integrates with major players like WordPress, Shopify, PayPal, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce and Twitter. If you use any or most of these in your online business you’ll have an easy time getting your account with GetResponse setup.

With all these great partners you really have the ability to grow online. It doesn’t matter if you run an online store or an online blog. GetResponse has solutions you can capitalize on.

Take a Tour of GetResonse

Final Thoughts on GetResponse Email Marketing

This is an essential part of any online business. With GetResponse mail marketing tools you get so much value and so many things that can not only impress the client but also save you endless amounts of time.

Time is money and the more free time and automation that assists you in your growth the better you will succeed online.

We encourage you to look further into the GetResponse platform and all it offers you. You can click here to head over to the GetResponse website.

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