How To Sign Up For Bluehost in 2019

Welcome to this informational article that will help you with setting up your new account with Bluehost web hosting. If you are reading this you probably are ready to get started with your new online hosting with the Bluehost platform.

We created this quick post to help you with the steps and to give you a quick preview of how the setup process works and how simple it is to do.

How To Sign Up For Bluehost

The first step in this whole process will be to navigate over to the Bluehost web hosting platform. If you are not sure of the exact link to get to the sign up page then click here and we will take you right to it. It will open in a new window so you don’t get off track on this article.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Once your on the platform you can click get started. Once you click that you will be directed to the page with all the available web hosting plans.

Click and choose the Basic Plan. Don’t worry about upgrading at this time. The basic plan will give you everything you need to get started. You can always go and upgrade if you really need to at any time.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Once you have successfully picked the Basic Plan you will be directed to the next step which is to choose a domain name. You will have the choice to either create a new domain or use a domain you already own.

If you don’t already own a domain it’s ok. Now is the time to pick one that you really like and something that’s going to be relevant to your niche and content. Picking a name can be really tricky and sometimes a process in itself. If you want to play around with some ideas and also see if it is still available for you to use check out a website called NameMesh.

NameMesh will give you a really good list of websites that are available once you type in a simple idea relevant to your idea or niche. We suggest that you look at the SEO column when selecting your domain name and also look for one with “.com”.

Once you find a domain that you like you can enter it in the Create a new domain box and move on to the next step!

Bluehost Domain Setup

The next thing you will be presented with is the basic personal information form that you will need to fill out. Once you have completed this you will have scrolled down and you will see you selected package information and also an area to choose some package extras.

We suggest that you choose only the first package extra which is seen in the screenshot. By choosing the Domain Privacy Protection it will save your information from marketers. Choosing this will give markets bluehosts name and not yours.Bluehost PackageAs you can see in this screenshot the cost is very cheap. We have the Basic 36-month price selected in this example. In other words your getting a domain and website for 3 years for a very good price!

When you are finished putting in all the information on that page you will continue on. You will then be presented with a confirmation page that you have completed your purchase. It will look like the image below.

Congratulations you just purchased your Bluehost web hosting service and also picked out your

Successful Bluehost Purchase


How To Create A Website With Bluehost

Lets get started with creating your website. This will be a two-step process. In the first step you will be asked to fill in two lines of information. You can put anything relevant in these two lines as you can change them later.

If your wanting to start a blog or include a blog on your website we suggest that you click the Do you want a blog button. The same thing would go for Do you want a online store.

If you click on the blog posts button you will be asked Display blog posts on. You can choose to display them on your homepage for right now. This can be changed and you will do this once you get your website up and established.

Create a WordPress Website

Step two in this short process will be a form that just asks you a few questions about yourself. Go through and fill in the information that you would like to input and your done with this two-step process.

Choosing A Theme

The next step in the process will be to choose a theme for your website. Themes are going to basically be the face of your website and how the content will be laid out and presented to all your visitors.

We suggest that you choose a theme that appeals to you and what you think your visitors in your niche will be attracted to. You want to have a good theme to keep visitors once they click to visit your site. First impressions are everything!Once you pick your theme that you want you will be presented with a confirmation page stating great work. The theme will begin to apply to your website. After the page loads for a short time it will then direct you to the following page. On this page you will again be greated with a nice work statement. This page will show you some recommended things to work on next. At this time you don’t need to do anything else as you have successfully completed the Bluehost purchase and domain setup.

You Successfully Setup Bluehost

Well done you have made it to the end of the initial setup process! You have completed some simple tasks to get your website online.

We hope that this article has served you some value on how to sign up for bluehost. We would like to offer you some additional information on how to continue the process of creating your website and the steps you need to take next.

In another article we will dive in and explore some of the next steps that include Cleaning up unwanted plugins, Choosing the best plugins on wordpress, and setting up and installing plugins on wordpress.


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